Intimate Wedding at St. Joseph’s Park in Rochester, NY

February 17, 2023

Few things pair as beautifully together the way a wedding and the fall season do. I absolutely adore the fall season, especially in upstate New York! The magic that fills the air as the leaves change from bright green to a golden color is unlike anything in the world. Peak Autumn is the ideal time to host an intimate outdoor wedding and Briana and Carmen’s wedding at St. Joseph’s Park in Rochester, New York is the perfect example. From a stunning ceremony to a breathtaking reception, this wedding day was absolutely incredible. I truly am so thrilled to share these beautiful images with you and share a little inside scoop on the love story that made it all happen.

Smiles That Tell a Story of True Love

When I met Briana and Carmen for their engagement session I knew we were going to have the best time together! Afterwards, we spent the period of time between their engagement session and the wedding day getting to know one another. It was filled with so much laughter and love, a staple in Briana and Carmen’s relationship. I make it a priority to spend quality time with my couples so that on their wedding day we have a strong bond that makes them feel comfortable. Spending your day attached at the hip with a photographer can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with them! A wedding day is already super nerve-wracking, so I do whatever I can to make my clients feel comfortable. 

Briana and Carmen LOVE to have fun and get a little wild. They exude joy and make sure every moment they share together is filled with laughter. On their wedding day, it was clear how much of an impact these two have had on their family and friends. The smiles were so big and the laughs and memories made together were endless. I felt like I was truly in the presence of some of the happiest people on earth. They enjoy the little things in life, which I find so inspiring. 

These sweethearts are truly a joy to be around and nothing could rip the smiles from their faces. Hiccups happen on wedding days (it’s kind of a right of passage, haha!) but Briana and Carmen didn’t let a single thing disrupt their joy.

Upstate New York’s Natural Beauty Set The Scene 

I absolutely adore upstate New York, especially in the fall. With moderate temperatures and romantic golden hour glows, you really can’t go wrong with a wedding at this time of year. Briana and Carmen selected St. Joseph’s Park in Rochester, New York for their intimate wedding ceremony. It was absolutely perfect. In my opinion, St. Joseph’s Park is one of Rochester’s best-kept secrets when it comes to wedding venues! 

The park is surrounded by massive trees that drop the most delicate golden leaves in the fall. Briana and Carmen’s ceremony was set just in front of the gorgeous church and it was absolutely breathtaking. The stone archways, cast-iron staircase, and historic details made their ceremony feel other-worldly. It was the perfect vibe for their intimate wedding at St. Joseph’s Park and truly was a magical moment. Everyone could feel the love! 

Rochester, New York is only an hour away from Syracuse which is where I’m based. And if you didn’t know, I love when couples give me the opportunity to travel for their weddings! Visiting different parts of New York is what keeps the job interesting, and I’m constantly inspired by the different locations I find myself in. Traveling also allows me to expand my knowledge of various locations so I can provide my couples with an updated list of my favorite photo spots across the state.

A Picture-Perfect Wedding Day

Nothing could go wrong on Briana and Carmen’s wedding day, at least not in their eyes! Wedding days can be filled with chaos, and as a photographer I do my best to distract the couple from any issues happening behind the scenes. My goal is to spend quality time with the couple capturing their authentic love and joy. Luckily, Briana and Carmen are two absolute sweethearts with the kindest souls and not a single thing could ruin their day for them. Even when Briana’s bouquet wasn’t ready for bridals or when some of their best friends were late for the ceremony! Everything about their wedding day went perfectly for them. 

Guests were seated in the courtyard in front of the beautiful church at St. Joseph’s Park when Briana and Carmen’s best friends came barreling around the corner in a huge SUV. It seemed like a perfectly planned moment! Although they were late, it all felt like a part of the day as they shouted and cheered from the car windows. Briana and Carmen’s smiles lit up and the moment was truly indescribable. They know how to turn EVERY moment into memory and make the most of a not-so-perfect situation. I mean, they even made swinging by their Airbnb to feed and walk their dog a fun time, I love their energy so much!

After the ceremony, guests were invited to a romantic reception at Jack Rabbit Club. This industrial space offers some of the best food and drink options and it’s the perfect place for a celebration. With guests seated at grand family-style dinner tables delicately lit with moody candles, it felt like we stepped foot into a secret speakeasy. The space was decorated with lush greenery, making it feel like a moody garden — I was so obsessed! 

Family and friends spent the night laughing along to toasts and speeches, while wiping happy tears from their cheeks. As I mentioned, Briana and Carmen know how to get wild and it showed during the epic dance party that occurred after dinner. Everyone had the time of their lives getting down and jamming to some good music. Although it was an exhausting day I wasn’t ready for it to be over! But, all good things must come to an end eventually. Briana changed into the most amazing ruffled send-off outfit and the two newlyweds headed off to their first night as Mr. and Mrs. through a tunnel of sparklers. Cheers to many more years of epic adventures and loads of laughter!


Photography: Sara Marx

Gown: Flora Bridal

Florals: Pistill and Pollen

Ceremony Venue: St. Joseph’s Park

1st Look Location: George Eastman Museum

Reception Venue: Jack Rabbit Club

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