Pregnancy Announcement at Skaneateles Lake

July 15, 2023

As a Syracuse family photographer, I have the opportunity to be with couples at extremely pivotal points in their life – the moment they get ready to share their big news with the world! It is so special joining forces with these fantastic mothers and fathers-to-be and seeing their eyes light up as they tell me how excited they are for their babies. I love working with couples to plan their Skaneateles maternity session and sharing ideas on capturing their vision perfectly. Some couples love using props like ultrasound photos, while others love the simplicity of taking portraits together, highlighting the momma’s tummy. 

Maria and Rick were excited about their Skaneateles maternity session, and I was stoked to join them! This part of New York is extra special to them because it’s where they will be having their bridal party this summer! Maria and Rick were so happy to celebrate a few more moments together before sharing the big news with the world! 

Peaceful and Beautiful – Skaneateles, New York 

Skaneateles Lake is a special spot in upstate New York, about 30 minutes from Syracuse. I love bringing my couples here for a peaceful and beautiful session. With Maria and Rick, we wanted to focus on the excitement they shared about growing their family; they have been dreaming about it for ages and are so excited to finally share the news! 

They wanted to share the news in a way that felt like them. Because they will have their bridal party this summer at The Sherwood in Skaneateles, New York, we felt Skaneateles Lake was the perfect location for their pregnancy announcement portraits!

Skaneateles Lake is a part of the infamous Fingerlakes and one of America’s cleanest (and most beautiful) lakes. Having this special spot just minutes from Syracuse is such a treat. Skaneateles Lake is surrounded by some of the most charming restaurants and stores and makes for a great vacation or weekend-away destination. 

A Sunny and Snowy Pregnancy Announcement 

I joined Maria and Rick at the lake on a snowy but very sunny day in Skaneateles for their pregnancy announcement session. Although it was a bit chilly, it was a perfect day! Something about the glistening snow and sunshine reflecting on the freezing cold lake felt like pure magic. I was so happy to be a part of this day for Maria and Rick. They are the sweetest couple; I just know they will be the best parents! As a maternity photographer, I adore being able to experience this part of their lives with my clients. Parents-to-be are always so gleeful and focused on spreading love. 

For their session, Maria and Rick wanted to have some fun. We pulled out their ultrasound photo, a pregnancy test, and even a custom baby onesie with the family name on it (this may have been my favorite detail!) Seeing their beaming smiles and excited eyes made this chilly day warm and cozy.

I am so excited for Maria and Rick to become parents and cannot wait to see the little bundle of joy they bring into this world! Whether you’re looking for a maternity photographer or a family photographer in Syracuse, I’d love to capture the important moments and memories in your life. Submit an inquiry, and let’s start discussing your ideas! Whether you love venturing out to Skaneateles Lake for some romantic maternity portraits or want to cozy up in your Syracuse home for family portraits, I’d love to join you in capturing the moments that matter the most.

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