How To Have An Adventure Engagement Session in Syracuse, New York

February 17, 2023

Have you been dreaming about an adventurous engagement session but worried about not having access to a major city? Don’t! Adventure sessions are special because they can happen anywhere! Many couples opt to adventure out to major cities that are important to them, while others opt for smaller cities like Syracuse. I adore spending time with my couples adventuring around Syracuse, New York! There are so many incredible settings to choose from and the options are endless whether your session is occurring in the middle of the winter, the spring, summer, or fall. I have spent so much time seeking out locations in the area with my clients, and am here to give you my advice on how to have an adventure engagement session in Syracuse, New York.

Why I Love Adventure Engagement Sessions in Syracuse

Adventure sessions are different from typical photo sessions. These sessions are often spread out over a few hours and can even last as long as a full day! They are SO much fun. Typically, adventure sessions include multiple locations and multiple outfits. We aim to get you as many unique photos in different settings and different outfits as possible! 

One of my favorite things about adventure sessions is the fact that you have so much time together. I’ve worked with many couples who are dreaming of a sunset or golden hour session, but also love the idea of a sunrise and mid-day session. With my adventure sessions, we do it all. Spending this quality time with my clients is so important and I always leave these days with so much joy in my heart. 

Typically, adventure sessions happen in larger cities. And don’t get me wrong, I love shooting in New York City. However, smaller cities like Syracuse, New York are starting to become popular spots for these sessions. One of my favorite elements of an adventure session is how intimate it can feel. I am essentially just crashing an epic date and being able to capture sweet moments, which makes the session feel even more intimate.

My Favorite Locations for Downtown Syracuse

As a Syracuse photographer, I have spent a ton of time exploring various destinations around the city. I’ve generated a list of my absolute favorite locations (mostly downtown) that any couple can get to. I promise, at these locations you’re bound to get some of the best photos in the Syracuse area!

Franklin Square

This quaint location is such a special space and gives off East Village feels (get that New York City look in the comfort of a smaller city!) Franklin Square features gorgeous brick buildings and surrounds a small park with a beautiful fountain feature. This square attracts so many visitors but you would never know. Franklin Square is a very romantic and quiet location and one of my absolute favorites for adventure sessions!

Clinton Square

I absolutely adore Clinton Square! This location offers a ton of variety and different backdrops perfect for an adventure engagement session in Syracuse. The Clinton Exchange Building is perfect if you’re looking for a simple and chic white backdrop. The alcove gives the setting so much dimension and is absolutely stunning! I am absolutely in love with the architecture and giant columns. Clinton Square also has an ice rink during the winter (adorable photo sesh idea!) making it an ideal location for winter adventure sessions. But, if you’re aiming for photos in the summer or spring, Clinton Square offers ice cream stands and a huge water area! There are so many beautiful buildings and historic architecture that makes Clinton Square an incredible spot for an adventure session. Trust me, it may be difficult to focus during the session because of how much there is to look at!

Armory Square

The third location on my list is Armory Square. This is where the night scene is! Armory Square has so many bars, restaurants, and tiny nooks and crannies that makes an adventure photo session here SO much fun. The brick alleys give off some moody vibes and make for such a fun backdrop. My favorite thing is always taking clients to some of my favorite spots for a drink afterwards! In addition to the fun nightlife, Armory Square gas a fairly new bookstore that would make for the most adorable shoot. Any takers? Let’s chat!

Bonus Location: Skaneteles, NY

Although I wanted to focus mostly on my favorite downtown Syracuse locations, I just had to include Skaneateles, New York! This super quaint town is in the Fringerlakes and is the most adorable place! With cute shops and parks, Skaneateles feels like it was plucked right out of a CW show (One Tree Hill, anyone?) As a lakeside town, Skaneateles has so many unique opportunities for an epic adventure session. We can rent a vintage boat, walk along the dock, sit on the edge of the lake, and watch the water ripple or head over to the cute parks with gorgeous stonework and beautiful tall trees. Any spot in Skaneateles is picture-perfect and makes for the most incredible portraits. Another spot, Mirabeau, is right down the street and allows people to take photos in the front yard! There is a huge iron gate and florals that bloom in the summertime, it’s so stunning.

Advice From an Adventure Session Photographer

Remember, adventure sessions are supposed to be FUN! As an adventure session photographer, it is my goal to make your day as stress-free as possible. I make sure we obtain permission for all private locations so that on the day of your session we don’t run into any speed bumps. And, with my experience, you can trust that your session will take place in some of the coolest locations. I love booking out a bar before they open for cute pics and a pre-session drink! My biggest piece of advice to my clients is to HAVE FUN and enjoy yourselves! Let your photographer do the work and allow yourself to fully engage in the day you’re having.

Another thing I like to remind my clients is to trust their photographer. As a Syracuse photographer, I know the ins and outs of the town and can get you the locations of your dreams! Trust me to guide you through your adventure session, we will knock out all of your dream photos and so much more!

Ready to start planning your epic adventure session? Let’s chat! If you are interested in any of the above locations I’d love to take you. So, let’s get to exploring and have the best adventure engagement session in Syracuse!

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