Romantic Gardens Bridal Editorial

December 27, 2020

A dreamy bridal editorial in the heart of central New York. The crisp fall air, the falling leaves, and the warm sun kissed feelings were all one needed for this mid-morning bridal portraits. This romantic setting fit for a bride bestows a meaningful moment frozen in time dresses in the enchanting Claire Pettibone bridal collection. The end of fall and the beginning of a lifetime sets the stage for this bridal editorial.

Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab
Model: Riansimone
Dress Designer: Claire Pettibone 
Bridal Boutique: Gee June Bridal
Floral Designer: Fern Croft 
Calligraphy: Lenka Calligraphy | 
Handmade Paper: Elivrosenkranz
Makeup: China Bell 
Styling Surface: Chasing Stone
Jewelry: Edera Jewelry
Venue: George Eastman Museum

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