New York Engagement Session

July 15, 2022

New York is filled with stories, each one is so different from the next and I had the opportunity to capture one of New Yorks’s very own love stories. Haily and Miguel have been together for five years – in fact, it was exactly five years to the day of this session! They got engaged and decided to hold their New York engagement session on their anniversary to double down on the celebration. 

Haily and Miguel’s New York Engagement Session

With people like Haily and Miguel, you are guaranteed to have an amazing day. Due to their incredible personalities, I knew that when we had to quickly change our original shoot plans they were going to be down! I have to admit, I was bummed when we woke up for their sunrise session at Bethesda Terrace to find out it was raining and the terrace was closed for the day. I knew Haily and Miguel were most likely feeling the same way, as they had been dreaming of those iconic steps for so long. But I also knew they would be willing to jump into some new ideas.

That’s what I love so much about them! Haily and Miguel love living life to the max. They are seriously the sweetest couple who prioritizes experiences over tangible things. We were able to all be present and feel the joy during this session. While we have the images to remember this day by, I know the memories we made will last just as long. 

After brainstorming, we decided to just take a walk through the park. It turned out to be such a beautiful day and the sun shined beautifully after the rain. We ended up finding adorable spots in the park, and I captured these tender moments while Haily and Miguel popped some champagne. We had an absolutely incredible time! If I’m being honest, I think that this last-minute location worked perfectly for Haily and Miguel and their relationship. They are so adventurous and our trip through the park led to some additional ideas… we just had to keep going! So, we packed up our things and left the park. Haily and Miguel changed into a more casual look before heading to Dumbo

Portraits by the Brooklyn Bridge

If you haven’t been to New York yet, make sure you add Dumbo to your list of places to hit up. Dumbo has such a fun casual vibe and we spent hours just exploring and walking around together. We had a blast! This casual portion of the shoot included a pit stop at Pebble Beach, an iconic carousel shot, and of course we had to get that final shot at the Brooklyn Bridge! I felt as though I was getting a real inside look at their relationship, they were so comfortable together and had the best time dancing around and striking some fun poses.

Haily and Miguel’s love story has been going strong for five years and I know it will carry on for many years to come. They are absolutely adorable together and their willingness to go with the flow and enjoy each moment is such an inspiring trait. I was SO bummed and thought that they would end up disappointed with the way their session went but I don’t think they could have had a better time. These images come with such a fun story and I know they’ll be sharing them with friends and family for years to come! Plus… I obviously guaranteed them that we WILL get those iconic shots at the Bethesda Terrace one day.

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