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Intimate Wedding at St. Joseph’s Park in Rochester, NY

Few things pair as beautifully together the way a wedding and the fall season do. I absolutely adore the fall season, especially in upstate New York! The magic that fills the air as the leaves change from bright green to a golden color is unlike anything in the world. Peak Autumn is the ideal time […]



How To Have An Adventure Engagement Session in Syracuse, New York

Have you been dreaming about an adventurous engagement session but worried about not having access to a major city? Don’t! Adventure sessions are special because they can happen anywhere! Many couples opt to adventure out to major cities that are important to them, while others opt for smaller cities like Syracuse. I adore spending time with […]



Beverly Hills Wedding at Greystone Mansion

Breaking News: fairytales DO happen in real life! If you don’t believe me, Sabrina and Justin are the perfect example. These two are the most adorable couple and share a strong and timeless love. I was so honored to be a part of their Beverly Hills wedding day, it was next-level gorgeous! I think Sabrina […]



Beaver Lake – Newborn Session – NY

Marky was born a preemie and celebrated his scheduled birth date during their newborn session a few months after they were born. So small and so precious. Newborn sessions are always so peaceful especially when the little one passes out and you just adore and love on them throughout the whole session!



ABOUT Sara Marx

Spending most days watching TV dramas, editing with a glass of French Rose, watering my babies (PLANT MOM), and spending all of my free time with my adorable handsome husband, Stephen!

We dream of living an epically fulfilling life - to quit our 9-5 jobs and create a life full of adventure, meaningful memories, and an abundance of pure joy and laughter. Bringing an impact to the world!


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